ultimate Honyaki

Working on an Ikeda honyaki W2!
100% stones. No sandpaper or anything.
I’m not compting hours for this one and I really wish it’s going to be perfect.

The hagane became very matte, white and almost scratchfree at any angle of view.
Finich on an Ohira uchigumori hazuya.
I guess this should be the last step before finger stones.

It hasn‘t been that easy to grind the bevel slightly convex AND get a sharp shinogi line.
Actually finger stones on the bevel are not a must, this part could stay like it is.

In this condition the bevel can be sharpened on an uchigumori when needed and the surface should never look very different from now.

The ura has been polished on an Ohira Ao Renge. Not the finest but I like its strong mirror and its elegant bite.

Now the next goal will be to make the hamon „pop“ and the jigane alive, finer and darker.